Tingling can be a very disconcerting symptom when you first experience it. We've all had it occasionally perhaps when you sleep on your arm in an odd position but once you relive the pressure it usually doesn't take long for it to go back to normal. But what if it doesn't?

What is tingling a sign of?

Tingling is almost definitely due to a nerve not working properly. This can be due to irritation or compression of a nerve at any point along it. We will use a range of different tests in a thorough assessment to work out where your nerve might be having an issue. Depending on where the problem is will change how we approach treatment.

What should you do about long term tingling?

Tingling should not be ignored, in the short term it might be worth trying a cold compress over where you think the problem is closest to your spine. This can help reduce inflammation and give relief. If the problem persists it is worth having it looked at by a professional to make a proper diagnosis and treatment recommendation.