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The reason we exist is to help you live a happy, pain free and active life. To help you do the things you want to do with your life and make sure that physical and mental health don't hold you back.

Because of this, our reputation means everything to us. If we couldn't show you that we're good at what we do then why would you trust us with your problem?

We gather reviews and testimonials in all sorts of places to suit the people who use them and will keep this updated regularly. Below you will find:

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Andover chiropractic statistics (past 365 days)

Our patients report, on average, they would be 96% likely to recommend our chiropractic services to a friend or family member.


Andover chiropractic improvement over time This graph shows 76.09% of patients reporting a significant improvement at 14 days from their first chiropractic appointment increasing to 83.33% at 90 days.
Andover chiropractic satisfaction April 2020 Our satisfaction surveys at 30 days show 96.97% of our patients report feeling "very satisfied" with their treatment and the remainder reporting "satisfied".


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