Health insurance and chiropractic

Our chiropractors work with a range of insurance companies

Most insurance companies will cover chiropractic treatment. The terms and conditions of this are likely to vary significantly so if you have insurance it is well worth a quick phone call to your provider to find out their process.

Here we cover the companies we work with most often as well as:

  • Cash plans
  • Health insurance
  • Car/accident insurance
  • Is YMYB covered by my policy?

Cash plan

Whilst not technically an insurance product, there are several companies which provide what is often referred to as a cash plan. This is a policy that you pay for monthly and provides allowances for many forms of healthcare, including chiropractic. Check your specific policy for the annual amount you can claim for.

How it works: You pay for your chiropractic care as normal and send your receipt to your provider for reimbursment.

Who provides this: Simplyhealth and WPA.

Health insurance - GP referral

Many insurance policies require a GP referral before they will authorise a chiropractic claim. It is important in these cases that you get authorisation before commencing your treatment as anything performed before the authorisation is unlikely to be covered. This often simply requires a visit to your GP to discuss your problem, inform them you have an insurance policy that requires a GP referral and that you know where you would like to go.

How it works: Visit your GP and ask for a referral letter for your insurance company. Get an authorisation number from your insurance company. Provide your chiropractor with your membership number and authorisation number. Usually nothing to pay but you may have an excess on your policy, your chiropractor will invoice your insurance company directly.

Who provides this: Aviva, AXA PPP, Vitality.

Car/Accident insurance

If you have an accident, your insurance company will ask if you are injured. If you are in pain it is likely you will be assessed by a consultant on behalf of the insurance company. If they believe a chiropractor would be helpful, they will make this recommendation to the insurance company and they will source a chiropractor for you. In some cases, if you strongly believe a chiropractor would be more beneficial than what they have suggested, you may be able to discuss this with them.

How it works: You will receive instructions from your insurance provider or solicitor. The chiropractor will invoice the company that sources them for your treatment and you have nothing to pay.

Is YMYB covered by my policy?

Chiropractors at YMYB are covered by most insurance policies. All of the providers listed on this website have worked with us before but it is always worth asking us, or your provider, before starting treatment if you intend to make a claim. If we're not currently covered it usually takes a phone call or online form to get us covered with your provider. The exception to this is Bupa, we have ceased our contract with them due to a reluctance to maintain a realistic fee schedule.