What causes headaches?

Headaches can be incredibly complicated. Causes can include dietary triggers, visual issues, psychological/stress issues, vascular causes and musculoskeletal issues. What gets complicated in particular, is that headaches can be caused by just one, or almost all of these problems at the same time.

So what should I do about my headaches?

It can be useful to keep a headache diary, try to include things you were doing around when you noticed the headache come on as well as what you ate beforehand and how you felt, emotionally. If you can spot a theme, see if you can change it somehow. For example, if you always get a headache after eating a particular food stuff, or if you always get one when working at your computer. If you can't get to the bottom of it yourself, you can get in touch with us or speak to your GP.

How do we help with headaches?

We take some time to work out the cause of your headache and most importantly, assess any musculoskeletal component that could be involved. We look at how your neck joints and muscles are functioning and if we detect any abnormalities we can use soft tissue techniques or spinal manipulation to treat what we find and make sure there is no musculoskeletal component left to cause an issue. At the very least we can cross off one potential cause and point you in the right direction to work out what else might be going on. If we don't identify any musculoskeletal component to your headache, it could be that there is nothing we can do, but if you have identified your headaches connect with stressful times/situations or times when you feel particularly anxious, it is definitely worth taking the problem to Siobhan to work on these issues and regain control of not only your emotional and psychological wellbeing, but putting rest to your headaches as well.