Leg pain

Leg pain

What type of leg pain do you have?

Leg pain comes in many varieties. Let's split them into a couple of different categories. Sharp, shooting leg pain that radiates down your leg perhaps just into your buttock or all the way into your foot. Achey pain that radiates down the leg a little, usually just the buttock or to the knee. Local pain around the knee or in a muscle.

Sharp, shooting pain.

Sharp, shooting leg pain usually indicates a problem in your lower back, pelvis or buttock muscles. Identifying comfortable positions is important in your diagnosis. Try lying on your back with your legs bent up over a chair, perhaps lying on your good side with your knees bent, or crossing the painful leg up onto the good one and letting your knee drop to the outside. If any of these are relieving, use them throughout the day to see if it helps overall. Try using cold on your lower back or heat over your muscles, never for more than 10 minutes, to see if that provides any relief and repeat whatever feels best throughout the day.

Achey, radiating pain.

If you find your pain is more of a constant ache that radiates down into your leg, it's less likely to be a nerve related issue unless accompanied by other symptoms on this website such as numbness or tingling. Constant aches often stem from inflamed joints or tight overused muscles. Working out whether heat or cold helps is a good step to identifying and possibly solving the problem. Also trying a few different stretches to see if you find something that helps can tell you if you're dealing with a muscular pain or not.

Local pain

Pain localised to a specific area of the leg is more likely to stem from overuse or direct injury. Avoiding any painful activities is your first step to a resolution and perhaps giving it a week or two to see if it starts to ease. If it lasts longer than that, it may need a helping hand in healing and a specific diagnosis from a professional will be very helpful.

Do chiropractors work with leg pain?

Of course we do! Most often we see leg pain that stems from a lower back issue, and that might just be because we're really well known for dealing with back pain. But occasionally we do get to see some interesting knees, ankles and muscular issues such as calves, quads and hamstrings.


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