Siobhan Booth BSc (Hons)

As with many therapists, I got into hypnotherapy by using it myself to overcome my own difficulties. These difficulties had led me to fail my masters degree and by the time I approached a hypnotherapist I felt that my life was well and truly down a muddy looking creek.

Hypnotherapy gave me the confidence to redirect my life completely, retrain and work as a therapist on a daily basis dealing with an enormous range of people and problems.

I come from a scientific background and fully understand the healthy scepticism that some people have for hypnosis and its therapeutic uses. I keep my therapy as evidence based as possible, I keep up to date with current research and I absolutely do not offer past life regressions or miracle cures.

Me and my horse

Since getting back on track I have rediscovered many hobbies that I used to enjoy, the main one being horse riding. Despite having a five year gap, I now keep my pony in the Andover area and we are currently training to re-enter the competitive dressage world as soon as I can get reliable transport. I have to say that training a stubborn New Forest has been the biggest test of my riding and patience but ultimately I am proud of what we have achieved so far and have high hopes for the future.

I work with a lot of horse riders who come to me for help with their confidence, competition nerves or to generally improve their mindset and I myself have found it invaluable to be able to control my body language especially around a fairly dominant pony.  I also feel that my riding has improved greatly by being able to stay calm and relaxed, and this seems to have had a huge impact on my horse’s rhythm and suppleness as well as helping him pick up new things more quickly.

My other hobbies

I love variety; I feel that it keeps me interested and energetic in life and as well as horse riding I have many activities that I enjoy doing. I have recently taken up climbing, having to combat my own issues with vertigo in order to reach the top of the wall. Climbing has pushed me to improve my own fitness and strength as some of the walls are long and some of the overhangs are big. This has led me to join a local gym and I enjoy making fitness a part of my everyday life. I also enjoy walking with my dog who I re-homed in 2010 and have enjoyed the challenge of retraining some of her more difficult behaviours.