Neck pain/stiffness

Neck pain/stiffness

We know all about neck pain and stiffness.

We see neck problems in our clinic on a regular basis and know they come in many varieties. You may have been involved in an accident and know exactly why your pain has come on, you may have simply woken up with a stiff neck that hasn't freed itself and has remained uncomfortable for several days. Whatever the cause, we can fully assess your problem with a thorough history and examination to determine the cause. Most commonly, we find that stiff neck joints or tight muscles are the cause of neck pain. But rest assured, we keep an eye out for anything more alarming and send you straight to the right person to deal with it if needs be.

How we teat neck pain and stiffness.

Once we have identified the cause, we have a number of different treatment techniques at our disposal. Most often we use a combination of spinal manipulation and soft tissue techniques including trigger point therapy, massage and stretching. All techniques are applied with precision to the exact joint or muscle causing you pain. Find out more info on specific treatment techniques in our FAQs.

Spinal manipulation sounds scary, what is it?
Spinal manipulation isn't scary at all, but when used in the neck area it is normal to feel a little apprehensive. Spinal manipulation typically involves gently taking a stiff or restricted joint to the point it gets a bit stuck and then applying a quick nudge (or High Velocity Low Amplitude (HVLA) thrust). This nudge is often accompanied by popping or clicking sound.
After my car accident, I suffered intense neck and shoulder pain. My first treatment felt so liberating and my symptoms continued to ease in the following weeks.
R. Trebilcock

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