What is a sprain/strain?

A sprain is a tear in a ligament and a strain is a tear in a tendon or muscle. Tendons attach our muscles to bones and ligaments attach bone to bone. We can sprain or strain any tendon or ligament in our body in the wrong circumstances. These injuries are not just limited to ankles, in fact, one of the most common sprains we see in clinic is that of the ligaments supporting the low back!

What should you do about a sprain/strain?

This will vary depending on how bad your injury is. If you've heard of RICE, current thinking suggests this may not be the best plan. For a mild injury, it's now thought the best thing to do is to gently use the injured body part, perhaps using some kind of compression to limit the swelling and enable more normal usage. For a more severe injury, again compression may be useful but this time more rest than use is preferred until a certain amount of healing has taken place.

Can a chiropractor help with your sprain or strain?

As chiropractors, we are far more well equipped than just spinal manipulation. We are trained to identify and diagnose all manner of sprains and strains and use appropriate techniques to help you overcome them faster and get back to activity as soon as possible. We have a passion for sport and activity and know how to deal with these problems.

If you've had a recent injury and want to know how to help it heal as fast as possible or want to know how bad it actually is, we can help.