Hip pain

Hip pain

What causes hip pain?

Hip pain can be caused by wear and tear to the hip joint itself or injury to the muscles and ligaments that surround it. It can also be caused by some low back problems that can send pain around to the hip or the area the pain is in can be mistaken for the hip when it is actually something else entirely.

What should I do about my hip pain?

If your hip pain is being caused by something specific, it is worth taking a good long break from it and allowing your pain to subside for a week or two and try again to see if it was just a minor soft tissue injury. During this rest period it is a good idea to gently stretch it and take regular short walks to keep it mobile.

If it has been coming on for some time, or you have already tried resting it, it is really important to see a qualified health professional as hip pain left unchecked becomes more and more difficult to resolve through conservative care and, in our opinion, avoiding the need for any kind of hip replacement is a high priority.

Can you treat hip pain with chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is not just about backs. We are trained to identify a wide range of causes of hip pain, even the ones we can't treat. We don't use the techniques you would often associate with a chiropractor as the hip is a very different joint, but we can comfortably help improve joint and soft tissue function with some of the other techniques in our tool kit.